Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wishes on the Wall

 Wall Wisher allows us to share our ideas, answers, questions and applications with fellow friends. This way, everyone gets to learn something new or try a new application.

Wall Wisher does not allow us to type a lot of words into 1 sticky. Thus, some have to use more than 1 sticky.

In class, when we are doing an activity, we could post some information to share with our classmates to help them with their work.

This is my Digital Photo Collage.

One of my favourites is Facebook. I like it because most of my friends have Facebook and I could play games and challenges with my friends. We also can communicate through Facebook. We could also put those that belong to a certain group, e.g. Same class, together by creating a group.  Facebook allows us to keep in touch with old friends if we do not have their contact number.

Friday, December 3, 2010

My experience in creating this blog

This is not my first time writing a blog but I still feel excited writing this particular blog as people I have not met is able to read it.

Blogging helps us to express our thoughts. This way, everybody can learn something new from each other.

How I felt when I heard that I got into SST.

I was soooo happy when I heard I got into SST. The smiley expresses how I feel.